Healthcare Solutions

A world leader in mapping and analysis, MapInfo Corporation now offers solutions and data designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Some of the benefits that can obtained through the use of location-intelligent technologies include:

  • Visualize network of community programs/services by providers (Ministry, LHINs, doctors, specialty clinics, etc. )
  • Spatial analysis of health statistics (eg. population health, health services market-share & utilization, and socio-demographic determinants of health)
  • Predict public health program delivery effectiveness through demographics
  • Identify patient wait times and balancing of services
  • Analyse disease, illness and disability by demographic and geographic consideration including forecasting and projections
  • Analyse patient referral patterns for health care providers and treatment centres (hospitals, long term care facilities etc.)
  • Visualization and analysis of case loads, staffing, and catchment area delineation
  • Perform multiple site analysis on treatment centres/facilities across large geographic areas and communities

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